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I am running because I believe the needs of our state’s people should take priority, not the profits of big corporations and special interests. I am running for a better North Carolina with more opportunities for my child and all of North Carolina’s children.

Together, we can build a better North Carolina!

“The people of North Carolina have more things in common than we have that divide us. When we work hard, we want to be able to get ahead. We want to provide for ourselves and our families. We want good schools for our children and affordable healthcare. When we work together, we can make that possible, for all North Carolinians.”

my mission & Vision

Why I’m Running for North Carolina House

Nicole Quick believes in reproductive freedom for North Carolina.

Reproductive Freedom

I’ve never been in a position where I had to decide whether to get an abortion. If I were though, I’d want to make that decision with my doctor and my family. I wouldn’t want legislators and special interests making that decision for me.

Nicole Quick wants more opportunities for our children in North Carolina


All of our children deserve access to good, safe schools, regardless of where they live or how much money their families have. When I was a child, NC had one of the best public school systems in the nation, and our Smart Start program was a model for other states. We can be a leader in education again.

We need affordable healthcare in North Carolina


Too many North Carolinians delay healthcare because they can’t afford it. Too many have to choose between paying for medications or paying for food and rent. Our healthcare system should work to keep us alive and healthy, not to make insurance and drug companies exorbitant profits.

Economy and Jobs

When I first came to Guilford County 30 years ago, the textile and furniture industries provided thousands of well-paying jobs. Since then, most of those jobs have gone overseas. There are still good manufacturing jobs to be had in this country, but we must work to make NC attractive to the industries of today and prepare workers for jobs in growth industries, like solar energy and aerospace/aviation.

Nicole Quick wants corporate polluters to clean up their act.


North Carolina is blessed with natural resources, from our coastal waters to our mountain streams. To keep those resources available for future generations to enjoy, we must make corporate polluters clean up their act. Our state’s citizens shouldn’t pay the price, in higher energy prices or contaminated water, for coal ash or forever chemical pollution.

North Carolina Legislative Building

Fair Elections

The citizens of our state should select their representatives; the elected officials shouldn’t be hand-picking their voters. Maps for voting districts should be drawn by an outside, independent commission, not by the elected officials who stand to benefit from those maps. Furthermore, every citizen should have easy access to voting, from housebound seniors to college-bound students. Free and fair elections are the basis of our democracy.

Who’s Endorsing Nicole Quick for NC House

If you share my vision for a better North Carolina for all, I humbly ask for your endorsement.
Thank you! I look forward to serving Guilford County as your representative in the NC House.

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We Need Nicole

Nicole Quick is a pillar of our community with a proven track record of success. We need her talents in Raleigh to fight for our public schools, to expand access to affordable health care, and to bolster our economy. Nicole will always be a champion for everyday Guilford County residents working to earn a living. I’m proud to endorse her candidacy for NC House.
Senator Michael Garrett
NC Senate

Mom, Leader, Advocate

I’m proud to endorse my friend Nicole Quick for the North Carolina House. Nicole is a community leader, a mom, and a dedicated advocate. I’m glad that she has stepped up to run for office to fight for reproductive rights, strong public schools, and economic opportunity, and I look forward to supporting her.
Representative Kathy Manning
US House of Representatives

Community Focused Ally

Nicole is an authentic, community focused leader. She’s motivated by her family’s experience with a child struggling through school. If you have ever worried about a child in your family, then you’ll have an ally in Nicole when she gets to the NC House.
Graig Meyer
NC State Senator

Fierce Advocate

Nicole Quick has always been a fierce advocate for public school workers and children. She has stood with us as we advocate for the schools and worksites we all deserve. I know she’ll continue the advocacy as the NC House District 59 representative in Raleigh.
Amy Harrison
Special Ed Teacher, Guilford County Schools

Agent for Change

Nicole Quick is a fierce advocate. She is not afraid to stand up for what is right and be a voice for marginalized or underrepresented citizens. In the NC House, she will continue to be an agent for change and make sure all citizens’ interests and rights are represented. I can’t wait to vote Quick in next election.
Nikki Heyliger-Dawkins
Counselor, Guilford County Schools

Let’s Go!

I am extremely happy that Nicole has decided to join us at the General Assembly.  We are confident she will win the race. Nicole has given much to Guilford when she was Chair of the Democratic Party . No one is better equipped to hit the ground running and beat Republicans at their game.  She can confidently debate the issues .She will be an asset to the county, our state and our Guilford Delegation team.  You have my full support. Let’s go!
Gladys Robinson
Member, NC State Senate

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