Meet Nicole Quick

Born in southeastern North Carolina, Nicole Quick grew up in Columbus and Brunswick Counties. Her bachelor’s degree is in politics and economics, and her master’s is in economics with a focus on economic development.

After school, Nicole went to work in Greensboro, NC, managing a $40 million business segment of Guilford Mills. She was responsible for all forecasting and budgeting and for planning and scheduling production. She led and managed domestic and international sales forces for Guilford’s furniture and home fashions businesses.

From Guilford, she moved to a position with Brayton International, a division of Steelcase, in High Point, NC. She spearheaded process improvements to create greater efficiencies and led teams to reduce costs and waste with high standards of product quality.

When her son Tad was diagnosed with autism, she learned how to provide occupational therapy for him. Once Tad was in school, Nicole became a one-on-one aide in the classroom with him and, later, led teacher instruction and workshops focused on working with children with autism in inclusive classrooms.

Nicole believes that Guilford should be a place of opportunity for all. She’s stood against politicians who don’t share our values of responsibility and accountability, including as a plaintiff in several pro-democracy lawsuits.

Nicole lives with her husband and son and 2 dogs in their home in eastern Guilford County.

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