Nicole Quick has proven her commitment to her community. She stands firm on the issues that matter most – public education, healthcare access, voting rights. Now more than ever, we need strong leaders like her standing up for all North Carolinians.

Michelle Kennedy – Greensboro City Council, At-Large

To move this state forward we need leaders like Nicole working to move everyone forward.  She will work tirelessly for us all.

Winston McGregor – Guilford County Board of Education, At-Large

North Carolina needs Nicole Quick in the General Assembly. Like me, she has a commitment to working families and to improving access to healthcare. There is so much that we can get done for the people of our state if we can break the Republican majority. But until we do that, all of our priorities will be on the sidelines. Electing Nicole is critically important to getting the majority we need to be able to help the people of NC.

Senator Gladys A. Robinson

Nicole Quick has been a resident of Greensboro & Guilford County for a long time and knows the issues we face. As a person who has personally fought for fair maps at the state level, I believe she will do her part to make sure we have fair district maps for both our County and State, so all voices are heard. All levels of government benefit from independent and unbiased district map drawing. I believe our Guilford County Legislative Delegation would be stronger with Nicole on it.

Justin Outling – Greensboro City Council, District 3

Nicole Quick recognizes the long-term value in supporting our public schools in North Carolina. With her strong leadership in Raleigh, Nicole will ensure that legislatures provide the critical funding necessary to prepare our students for the future. Investing in public education is an investment for all North Carolinians.

Ken Pleasants – Gibsonville Board of Aldermen

I support Nicole Quick for North Carolina House of Represenatives, District 59. She has  shown committed leadereship and will represent the citizens of the district with honesty and Integrity. She deserves our support.

Dr. Goldie Wells – Greensboro City Council, District 2

Please join me in supporting Nicole Quick for North Carolina House, District 59. She knows the importance of education, teachers’ pay increase, and recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers. Nicole is a strong leader and a great listener. She believes in advocating for stronger communities by being on the front line with various issues. I wholeheartedly support Nicole for the North Carolina legislature, and I hope you will do the same.

Bettye Jenkins – Guilford County Board of Education Member Elect, District 7

North Carolina needs  strong public education for our children, Medicaid expansion for our families and a Independent Non-Partisan Redistricting Commission to secure good governance in the future.  I believe Nicole Ward Quick can make it happen.

Jeff L. Thigpen – Guilford County Register of Deeds

We will be fortunate to have Nicole Quick elected to be a part of the Guilford County Delegate Team. She will fight for everything that we know is a priority, not just for Guilford but for the state of NC. She is an advocate mom who can reach across the aisle to get the work done. The state legislature needs her listening ear and her broad analysis of the community that she will serve. Our voices will be heard with Nicole Quick as one of our representatives.

Khem Irby – Guilford County Board of Education, District 6

I support Nicole Quick for the North Carolina Legislature. She is the right person at the right time! Nicole is a hard worker that is committed to representing all Guilford County residents and is willing to do what it takes to make a positive difference for our community. I know that Nicole will continue to listen to people, hear their voices, and push to create a brighter future for all of us. Please join me in supporting Nicole Quick!

Tammi Thurm – Greensboro City Council, District 5