Today, FLIP NC released their list of NC’s most flippable districts for 2020. Our district, NC 59, was ranked 4th in the state.

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NC District Map

“Under the old map, Republicans had drawn Guilford County to maximize their chances to hold two suburban districts, including NC-H59 on the eastern edge of the county. The new maps make NC-H59 about 9 points more favorable for Democrats, giving them an excellent chance to flip this district in 2020. The Republican incumbent, Jon Hardister, has slightly outperformed other Republicans in the district, so it will be important for Democrats to field a strong challenger. But Republicans’ performance in the district has only been possible because Democratic turnout has significantly lagged Republican turnout. There is ample room to reverse the slight Republican lean in recent elections by turning out sporadic Democratic voters here.”

FLIP NC (November 4, 2019)

We are within 3 points of my opponent, and 2020 has not even begun. With your help, we can win this seat! If you have not yet made a contribution to my campaign, please do so today! Let’s show Republicans that we’re in it to win it! If you have made a contribution, please consider increasing your support.