Nicole Quick Endorsements

Michael Garrett, NC Senator for District 27

NC Senator Michael Garrett

Nicole Quick is a pillar of our community with a proven track record of success. We need her talents in Raleigh to fight for our public schools, to expand access to affordable health care, and to bolster our economy. Nicole will always be a champion for everyday Guilford County residents working to earn a living. I’m proud to endorse her candidacy for NC House.
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Representative Kathy Manning endorses Nicole Quick for NC House

Representative Kathy Manning

I’m proud to endorse my friend Nicole Quick for the North Carolina House. Nicole is a community leader, a mom, and a dedicated advocate. I’m glad that she has stepped up to run for office to fight for reproductive rights, strong public schools, and economic opportunity, and I look forward to supporting her.
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Nicole thanks all of her supporters!

Gladys Robinson endorses Nicole Quick for NC House

NC Senator Gladys Robinson

I am extremely happy that Nicole has decided to join us at the General Assembly.  We are confident she will win the race. Nicole has given much to Guilford when she was Chair of the Democratic Party . No one is better equipped to hit the ground running and beat Republicans at their game.  She can confidently debate the issues .She will be an asset to the county, our state and our Guilford Delegation team.  You have my full support. Let’s go!
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Linda Epuzi Moore supports Nicole Quick for NC House

Linda Epuzi Moore

Nicole Quick has been my friend, political colleague and mentor for many years. Her dedication and commitment to serve her community is evident from her involvement in the political processes and just causes North Carolina citizens face. Nicole has always believed that everyone has a right to equitable health care, education and employment in their pursuits of life, liberty and happiness. Serving in the NC House of Representatives for District 59 will allow her to work for what she believes is good for the people of North Carolina. I vigorously support Nicole Quick for District 59, NC House of Representatives….
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Jo Isler endorses Nicole Quick for NC House

Jo Isler

It is my honor to endorse Nicole, a person I have worked with and am honored to vote for. Nicole is a hard worker, she stands up for what she believes in, she does not back down, keeps her promises and shows up. VOTE, this is the way!
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Nikki Heyliger-Dawkins endorses Nicole Quick

Nikki Heyliger-Dawkins

Nicole is a fierce advocate. She is not afraid to stand up for what is right and be a voice for marginalized or underrepresented citizens. In the NC House, she will continue to be an agent for change and make sure all citizens’ interests and rights are represented. I can’t wait to vote Quick in next election.
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Amy Harrison endorses Nicole Quick

Amy Harrison

Nicole has always been a fierce advocate for public school workers and children. She has stood with us as we advocate for the schools and worksites we all deserve. I know she’ll continue the advocacy as the NC House District 59 representative in Raleigh.
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